Take advantage of our valuable insights and advice regarding potential business transactions and tax planning. Receive direct personalized attention when you need it.

Financial Report Preparation
Our thorough and detailed financial reports and information help your business grow
and develop.

• Audit, review & compilations
• Management letters
• Audits of special accounts
• Budgeting
• Special investigations

Tax Preparation & Planning
Protect business profits by receiving tax advice throughout the year. Call us when making important business decisions – taxes are often positively impacted not by what you do, but by how you do it.

• Review the tax implications of business transactions
• Tax planning
• Business valuations
• Pension & profit sharing plans
• Preparation & filing of all tax returns
• Tax examination & appeals process representation

Part-time Controller Functions
Benefit from the sound and objective advice of a financial expert, when your business experiences significant change or growth. Sometimes a company needs a CPA, but not a full
time CPA. Save the cost of hiring a new executive member with no additional benefits.

Expert Business Valuations
Our staff has prepared business valuations for over 180 companies since 1998. We have expertise in estate and gift valuations, merger and acquisition, intangible valuations for proper recording of a purchase on the financial statement and valuations for specific partnering opportunities. Our experience allows us to complete each valuation quickly, using the most reliable and relevant methods for determining the value of each business interest.

Individual Tax Preparation & Planning
We help you minimize taxes by effectively planning your tax strategy. Contact us before making critical financial decisions so you can enjoy the best, long-term results possible.